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There are millions of people who have a chronic degenerative disease being one of the most frequent hypertension or high blood pressure. This disease is a very treatable illness that is often overlooked by many patients. It is of very important to treat this condition, given the fact that it can arise in multiple health problems. The symptoms for high blood pressure often arise  after blood pressure is really high; they can be presented as a severe headache, blurry vision, dizziness, palpitations, pounding in the neck, chest pain and fainting.

What is the normal blood pressure in adults? Normal blood pressure is 120/80 and below(not to go below 90/60)

What is prehypertension? It is a blood pressure that is between 121/81 to 139/89,it can eventually lead to hypertension.

Why is it important to have a blood pressure within normal limits? If there is an elevated blood pressure, your arteries which carry your blood will be under pressure therefore they could rupture causing heart attacks, strokes, damage to kidneys, eyes and many other organs.

What can I do to prevent my blood pressure to go up? Sometimes hypertension is hereditary, but there are some measures that can prevent or delay the appearance of this disease such as regular exercise, healthy diet( fruits, vegetables, low salt and low fat), quitting smoking and drinking alcohol with moderation, managing stress levels, and keeping good cholesterol levels in your blood.

How is hypertension treated? There are many medicines that can be used to treat hypertension along with a healthy diet and exercise.

We offer free blood pressure check on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 pm at all our locations.

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